About Breakthrough

Rebound’s Breakthrough program is designed to give women the opportunity to learn skill-sets that will propel them into a mainstream career in the tech industry as a Junior Developer.

Under Rebound, we are offering qualified participants limited number of full or partial scholarships to join our 15-week full-time International Full-Stack Development Bootcamp delivered in collaboration with CodeOp Spain.

You do not need a tech or coder background to join the Breakthough bootcamp. All you need is basic numeracy and logical thinking skills. You will also need to have the mindset, perseverance and commitment to persevere and complete the entire course. You know what they say-when the going gets tough........this is a bootcamp so we expect you to to put in the time and hard work required for it!

You will be rewarded at the end of the program when you see your project come to life and new opportunities open up to you.

In fact, all of our November 2020 Breakthrough class has found new jobs and opportunities thanks to Breakthrough! They have become active coders taking part and winning in International Hackathons! FInd out more about them here

We encourage you to Breakthrough your inhibitions, aim high and become the Developer you never realized you could be!

Places are limited so apply early to ensure selection consideration.

CodeOp's Full Stack Development bootcamp prepares students for careers as entry-level software developers. In the early weeks of the course, students learn programming fundamentals, data structures, algorithms, and advanced JavaScript. Students then develop complete applications using the latest technologies, some of which include Vue, React.js, Node.js, Express, MySQL, Git, Scrum, and Heroku. The final weeks have a dual focus, with students developing full-stack applications from scratch while also undergoing extensive career preparation.

27 weeks

14 June 2021 - 17 September 2021

What We Offer

Program Structure

 In addition to in-person group instruction, CodeOp students receive ongoing individual mentorship, career guidance, and access to our network of employer connections.

Conceptual Scaffolding

Rather than targeting a single framework or technology, our learning objectives are applicable within a wide range of engineering and programming contexts.


We believe in process-based learning. Our instructors live-code their lectures so that students can experience professional problem-solving in action.

Formative Feedback Strategies

We’ve found that ongoing, targeted feedback is the key component to student success. We offer daily solution lectures, one-on-one code reviews, and weekly progress assessments.

Ongoing Mentorship

Our courses come with a network of supportive professionals. In addition to individualized feedback, our mentors provide career coaching and training in soft skills.

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Breakthrough your career!

Find out more about this program and download the course brochure.

Selected participants will commence their course on June 2021 and will complete their program by September 2021. Applicants will have to undergo a technical challenge and an interview to be selected for this program.

Places are limited so apply early!