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Check if you eligible to join Rebound. Please contact us at if you have any questions on the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

Female only

Malaysian Citizen

Between the ages of 21-50 years old

Unemployed or have taken a career break for at least 2 years, or have been retrenched due to Covid-19 in 2020

Priority will be given to those from marginalised communities, single mothers from low-income socio-economic backgrounds, and non-professionals (ie, not doctors, lawyers, accountants)

How To Apply

  • Simply read up on all of the Rebound Programs, decide which you would like to apply to and click on the application link.
  • You need to fill out the form and let us know why we should select you for the program of your choice.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed and confirmed should they be selected.
  • Applicants must confirm they have adequate connectivity and are able to attend ALL days of the program in order to be selected for a fully-funded Rebound program.
  • Applicants may, and are even encouraged to attend more than one program at the different levels.

Apply Now


Reboot, Step-Up and Breakthrough 2021 will be running from June - November 2021. All programs have limited participation to help provide maximum learning benefits. The earlier you apply, the better the chance you will be able to join a program of your choice!


Block your dates for a career change!

Reboot – Career Workshops

Reboot Yourself: How Do I Work?: Uncovering your strengths and how to develop your career

23 August 2021 (Monday)
9am - 1pm

Reboot Yourself: Personal Branding, Communication and Interview Skills

24 August 2021 (Tuesday)
9am - 5pm

Reboot Yourself: What Am I Worth?: Money Matters and Understanding Your Market Rate

27 August 2021 (Friday)
2pm - 4pm

Reboot Yourself: How To Be More Techie - A Zendesk Speaker Series with Darya Kolobova, Partner Success Manager, Zendesk

10 September 2021 (Friday)
5pm - 6pm

All classes are online and from 9am to 5.30pm each day

Reboot – Career Track Dates


21 June - 24 June 2021
Monday - Thursday

Reboot – Entrepreneurship Track Dates


14 June - 17 June 2021
Monday - Thursday


28 June - 1 July 2021
Monday - Thursday


12 July - 15 July 2021
Monday - Thursday

What’s That? Sessions


International Full Stack Development Bootcamp in collaboration with CodeOp

Remote Working to Advance Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a Tech Savvy Workforce

Is Technology Changing Our Lives?


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How much do Rebound Programs cost?

Rebound programs are mostly FREE. Reboot and Step-Up programs are fully funded and supported by The Asia Foundation! At Breakthrough level, scholarships (full or partial) will be dependent on your individual circumstances and will be decided on a case by case basis. These scholarships are also supported by The Asia Foundation. Other than this, you will only need to invest in your connectivity and set aside the time to complete the program. Places are limited and you must undergo an application process for all the levels.

To be selected for any Rebound program, you must confirm that you have a laptop or computer and a stable internet connect for the full duration of the program.

To help ensure as many women as possible have a chance to join Rebound, programs are being held over both weekdays as well as weekends.

Yes, if you have ever dreamt about making the leap to becoming an entrepreneur, this is the program for you! Apply for the Reboot Entrepreneurship Track and learn the basics of what you need to Reboot your next journey and launch your own venture, including refining your ideas and getting started with a mentor to provide you with personal guidance during your implementation phase. The steps you will learn will set you up for life enabling you to repeat them in any other venture you wish to embark upon after the program.

As programs are run online, you can join in from anywhere in Malaysia as long as you meet the eligibility criteria and have stable internet.

Yes, we encourage you to apply and let us know more about yourself. While preference will be given to those applicants who are currently unemployed or who have lost their jobs due to the global pandemic, we do encourage women to take a leap and upskill themselves for better career opportunities and will be considered on a case by case basis.