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Reboot Entrepreneurship Track

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REBOOT! - Personal Action and Venture Launch Plan

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  • Develop self-understanding and motivations to work
  • Build self-confidence by understanding your strengths & weaknesses
  • Clarifying values, priorities & interests
  • Identifying barriers to a successful return
  • Understanding the multiple paths to your career return and how it fits in with your work life balance
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  • Prepare – Put your best foot forward
    • Social Media, Linked In Profile
    • Your personal Image
  • Building your venture-adapted from the 6 steps of the RAFT Venture Building Basics Program by StartupMalaysia
    • Customer Identification
    • Value proposition
    • Go to Market
    • Business Model
    • Design & Build Your Product
    • Growth
  • Technology Tools
    • Your digital presence
  • Money Matters
    • Budgeting
    • Managing your money
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  • Test yourself
    • Pitching sessions
  • Build your community
    • Stay connected
    • Networking session
  • Expand your horizons
    • Reaching out to a wider community
    • Support systems