About Rebound

Why Rebound

Women often take career breaks for various reasons (childcare, elderly care, husband’s career relocations) and often face difficulties to get back into careers with up-to-date skills that are industry-relevant from a digital perspective.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has also brought about new challenges of livelihood and sustenance for families where jobs are being lost as businesses struggle and embrace digital platforms increasingly to reduce costs and increase reach. Women may not have the necessary technology skills to embrace this coming wave of new opportunities.

Women juggling careers and families may also be looking for more lucrative options that also offers flexibility.

Whatever your reasons/story, Rebound can help you get back on your feet, reach new heights and explore new horizons.

What is Rebound?

Rebound has been designed to equip women with the relevant tools to help them transition into new careers in the tech industry or start a new venture which is more digitally enabled. Whichever the pathway you choose, Rebound aims to help put women on the path to greater industry relevance and financial independence.

The programs will be delivered by industry practitioners and participants will be supported by Mentors post program as they transition from knowledge to action.

All programs are FREE or subsidised and completely online making them ideal for women to participate from all over Malaysia as they juggle family and other commitments.


There are currently 3 levels of programs being offered as part of Rebound.

The baseline program to help you discover yourself and work with our trainers and mentors to plan out your personal path to a successful professional comeback. Reboot also comprises modules to enable you to understand your strengths and bring yourself up to date with current best practices in the professional world. 2 tracks are being offered, a Career track and an Entrepreneurship Track.

Career track
for those wishing to go back to employment-part-time or full time.

Entrepreneurship track
for those wanting to start your own venture/small business for greater flexibility.

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Is a next-level program to help deepen your knowledge in specific technical skill-sets. This program is perfect for women wanting to upskill as well as for Reboot graduates.

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If a tech career has always been your passion, why not invest 4 months and join our International Full Stack Development Bootcamp delivered in collaboration with CodeOp Spain that will prepare you to become a Junior Developer.

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